Team 365 MOE

The RoboBees have been contacted by MOE and have been asked if one of our students has mistakenly pick up a black backpack from the stands that was not theirs. If you have any information on the backpack please email or let Mr.B know. Thanks! Update The bag has been located and is on its way to its owner! …

The Chesapeake Regional

This past weekend The RoboBees competed at The Chesapeake Regional. Unfortunately we had some complications with the robot but ironed out the issues through the weekend. The Chesapeake Regional was a learning experience. Even though we were not selected to participate in the finals The RoboBees were still lucky enough to receive the 2010 Chesapeake Team Spirit Award. The Award …

Official Unveiling of the Website

Today is the official Grand – (Re)Opening of the website!! The website was well liked by the team and arrangements are being made to make it more visually appealing. If you would send any comments on our new site please feel free to leave a comment in our guestbook or send word to

2010 Season Pictures

200+ FIRST BreakAway Build Season photos have been posted. Link Inactive We are still collecting photos and videos of this season, and years past. Please keep the cameras out and rolling. If you have any pictures or videos you would like to have posted on the website, email them to or see Tim Miedzinski.