Community Programs

Outreach is important to help the STEM community grow. Below are some STEM events / programs which you could take part in!


The RoboBees, FIRST Team 836 is based out of The Stachelczyk STEM Center in Hollywood, Maryland. The RoboBees are a founding partner of growingSTEMS. The RoboBees provide support in the way of volunteers, as many of their students help at a majority of growingSTEMS events.



STEM in the park is a series of activities that The RoboBees FIRST® Team 836 administer for the local youth. They hold these activities at local parks and use simple and fun experiments to encourage students to explore Science and technology.



growingSTEMS hosts small outreach events at the St. Mary's River Concert Series. Children, young adults, and their families are welcome to join us in fun STEM experiments and robot demonstrations.



In collaboration with the Southern Maryland Libraries, growingSTEMS is hosting a series of events ranging from Lego Mindstorm robots to learning the science behind flight. These activities are coordinated through the local libraries, please visit your local library to register for these events.

Below is a list of events that we have previously offered through the St. Mary's Library:

Racin' Rovers
There are many things in the world that dig including things that we as humans have sent out of this world! This activity focuses on teams of students designing a simple robot to navigate over varying terrain. Teams will be given a predefined set of parts and a challenge to race their rovers across a course with varying terrain such as sand, gravel, hills etc. This is a 90 minute activity for ages 7-11.

Rockin' Out
Different types of rocks are all around us. Each type of rock has a different set of characteristics. In this fun, hands-on activity, we will investigate different rock types (sedimentary, metaphoric, and igneous) using household craft items and snacks. This 60 minute activity is for ages 7-12.

Science of Flight
Learn the science of flight during fun and engaging hands on activities.

Excavating the Ocean Floor
How do archaeologists use mathematics to lay out a grid in the field? What if a team of archaeologists wanted to do an underwater excavation but the water is too brackish to see through. What can we do to be able to “see” through brackish water? This 60 minute activity is for ages 7-12.