About the Team

Our Mission

Our mission is to inspire our community to celebrate science, technology, engineering, and mathematics by teaching life skills in a fun environment and providing an opportunity to apply this knowledge.

Our Team

The RoboBees, FIRST team 836, is a robotics team located in St. Mary’s County, Maryland. FIRST (For the Inspiration and Recognition of Science and Technology) was founded by inventor and engineer Dean Kamen in 1989. A few years later, The RoboBees were created in 2001 by Mr. David Buddenbohn, a teacher at the Dr. James A. Forrest Career and Technology Center.

Since then we have grown into an incredibly diverse and unique student body who comes from seven different schools as well as home schooled students. Being located near PAX River Naval Air Station, engineering permeates our local culture. This is shown in full by the fact that our mentor base is composed of engineers, scientists, mathematicians who work for local defense contractors or PAX itself.

The RoboBees have won Thirty Four different awards in total, including Chairman’s Awards, Engineering Inspiration Awards, and Event Winners!

Complete list of awards

  • Industrial Design Award  – CHS District Championships (2018)
  • Innovation and Control Award – Central Virginia (2018)
  • District Event Finalist – Central Maryland (2018)
  • Excellence in Engineering Award – Central Maryland (2018)
  • Entrepreneurship Award – CHS District Championships (2017)
  • District Engineering Inspiration Award – Northern Maryland (2017)
  • District Championship Winner – CHS District Championships (2016)
  • District Engineering Inspiration Award – Central Maryland (2016)
  • District Event Winner – Central Maryland (2016)
  • Creativity Award – Greater DC (2016)
  • District Event Winner – Greater DC (21016)
  • Regional Chairman’s Award – Palmetto (2015)
  • Creativity Award – Chesapeake (2015)
  • Regional Finalists – Chesapeake (2015)
  • Engineering Excellence AwardFIRST Championships (2014)
  • Engineering Inspiration Award – Greater Pittsburgh (2014)
  • Regional Winner – Greater Pittsburgh (2014)
  • Quality Award – North Carolina (2014)
  • Regional Finalists – North Carolina (2014)
  • Regional Chairman’s Award – Palmetto (2013)
  • Entrepreneurship Award – Palmetto (2013)
  • Regional Finalists – Palmetto (2013)
  • Engineering Excellence – Washington DC (2013)
  • Quality Award – Washington DC (2012)
  • Regional Finalists – Washington DC (2012)
  • Website Award – Chesapeake (2012)
  • Regional Chairman’s Award – Chesapeake (2012)
  • Regional Chairman’s Award – Chesapeake (2011)
  • Regional Finalists – Chesapeake (2011)
  • Team Spirit Award – Chesapeake (2010)
  • Quality Award – Chesapeake (2008)
  • Judges Award – Chesapeake (2007)
  • Innovation in Control Award – Chesapeake (2005)
  • Leadership in Controls Award – Chesapeake (2003)

The RoboBees have always been extensively engaged in outreach within our community. We participated in the American Cancer Society Relay for Life, Christmas in April, various food drives, and other local community service events. The RoboBees are a dynamic team, constantly seeking out new tasks and opportunity’s to take part in.

We formed a new mentor-run organization known as growingSTEMS (which is now our parent organization), which inspires students to study STEM topics and helps young adults to pursue a STEM-related field in college. growingSTEMS is made of three branches: scholarship, support, and outreach.

The RoboBees have also implemented some major changes in how we train our students to “bee the best they can bee”. During the R&D (Research and Development), new Bees went through comprehensive courses designed to teach them about FIRST, our team history, safety and other important topics.

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