Our team is split up into multiple sub-teams to deal with different aspects of the FIRST robotics challenge.


The mechanical team makes the robot and all of the attachments. Students get training with SolidWorks, a variety of tools and materials, and have the opportunity to learn about the engineering process.

On this sub-team you will be very hands on, working close to the robot. You’ll always find mechanical students in the competition pits fine-tuning and maintaining the bot. If you want to join this sub-team, prepare to get your hands dirty and have lots of fun.


Command and Control

Command and Control is the sub-team responsible for breathing life into the FRC competition robot. The sub-team programs the robot to be able to play the FRC game, as well as writing the autonomous program the robot uses to drive itself for the first 15 seconds of each match. Students on this sub-team will learn fundamentals of programming, sensor integration, and system automation. Students will be taught the programming language Java from the basics of the language to advanced topics, such as architecture design and automation.

Along with learning software design principles, students will be taught about a variety of sensors. They will be taught what sensors are, how to use them, and how they can be utilized in automation efforts.


This sub-team is the life blood of the robot. On this team you will learn about electrical circuit design, electrical power balancing, cable pathway design and cable making. Also critical as battery management. This team has to work hand in hand with C&C for sensor placement, selection and implementation.

If you plan to join this sub-team be ready to fight through the jungle of wires to power up the bot to victory.


The Media sub-team makes the face of the team. These students document our team and its achievements, captures photos, and creates videos that depict how fun it is to be a Bee. Students on this team have the opportunity to work with a wide variety of different programs (including Adobe Lightroom and Premiere Pro) that allow you to express your creativity.

There is always something you can do on this team. If you plan to join this sub-team then be ready to let your creativity go crazy and have lots of fun and laughs.