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River Concert Series – A growingSTEMS Activity Booth

    Friday, July 27th was the last St. Mary’s River Concert Series hosted by St. Mary’s College of Maryland. One two news demonstrations that were the center of the show and definitely made a wave with the crowd. Our sound wave tube demonstrated how changes in frequency and amplitude affected the size and shape of the visible waves and Magic sand’s spirits could not be dampened.

    Our sound wave demonstration was created by adding small foam particles into a 3″ diameter tube. We then applied a speaker to one end of tube and were able to view the sound wave as it moved through the tube and pushed the foam around. Young and old were interested in how the foam beads were sliding and jumping around the tube. With music playing ranging from Flight of the Bumble Bees to The Black Eyed Peas, Boom Boom Pow we captured the view of all generations.

    Magic sand, or more scientifically known as HydroPhobic sand avoids water and cannot get wet! The sand is covered in a substance that acts like oil when reacting with water and will not mix.

    Other pictures from this event can be found in our Media section.