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VEX IQ enables engaging competitive robotics that inspires students with a complete STEM experience.

The VEX IQ system includes plastic, snap-together pieces designed specifically for the dexterity for young hands. Students can easily build their first robot, and the wide variety of additional parts means that students can build a robot that is bigger, stronger, and more functional as students continue to learn.

Students who are in 4th1 through 7th grade are available to register for the VEX IQ program. Enrollment for this program is generally open from June to August of each year. To signup to participate in this program, please fill out and submit a member application. Once the season starts, students will work towards designing and building their robot to compete in local competitions in early January/February.

Dues for the year are $285 per student, which help cover the operating cost of the program. Payments can be processed through our website or via check (Payment Policy). Students are registered and can begin participating when a minimum of half of the student dues are paid, full payment is due by August 1st or within 7 days of registration (whichever comes later).

These teams meets for an hour and half twice a week2 at The Hive (44010 Commerce Ave, Hollywood MD 20636). You can check out our full program calendar. Individual meeting days and times are determined by the team coach. Each team will have their first meeting between August 1st and August 12th.

Parent Coach

growingSTEMS requires a parent coach for each VEX IQ Team. Parents who volunteer as full time coaches receive an incentive of one free VEX IQ student registration ($285 value).

The number of VEX IQ teams offered is directly tied to the number of parent coaches. If no parents volunteer to coach a team, a limited number of students will be accepted.

1 Students who are in 4th grade who have completed a year of the VEX GO program will be accepted into the VEX IQ program. All new 4th grade students will be required to participate in the VEX GO program.

2 days of the week subject to change pending member and coach availability. Each team will meet once during the week, and once on the weekend. Available time slots include Monday to Friday 6PM, Saturday 10AM / 12PM / 2PM / 4PM, and Sunday 1PM / 3PM.