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Termite Combat Robot Summer Camps

growingSTEMS is happy to offer a Combat Robotics summer camp focused around Termite Class Combat Robots! Competitors in grades 3-5th are able to participate in this 2-day camp. Each camp will run on Saturday and Sunday, 10-3PM each day.

  • Saturday 10-3 – Introduction / Kit construction & decoration and Driver skills activities
  • Sunday 10-3 – Practice Matches and Round Robin Tournament

Camp sessions will be available for the following dates:  June 8-9th, July 27-28th, August 24-25th, and September 7-8th 2024. There will be 12 slots per camp, so register early to ensure you’re able to compete!

The Termite Class is focused on combat robots that consist of wooden robot kits and small arena (3×3′) with a single knock-out pit. Termite Class robots compete to try and either push their opponent into the arena pit or remove their “kill-switch” magnet (a simple magnet on the back of each robot that can be knocked off during the match) during the 1-minute match. If the match timer ends with both robots still standing, a match judge will make the determination of who won based on how each robot operated, focusing on both driver aggression and control.

Competitors will build their chosen kit and decorate their very own Termite Class robot while learning about the physics behind combat robots! Each competitor will go through the process of determining both advantages and disadvantages that are encountered in specific designs.

Throughout the sessions each competitor will learn to control their robot through hand-on driver training / practice in preparation of for the final competition! During the last session, each competitor will participate in a round-robin tournament between all competitors. At the end of the event, competitors get to take home their Termite Class robots!

Competitors will select their kits via a survey sent out before the camp start date. There are four kits to choose from.

To register for one of our Termite Class Summer Camps – Check out the product listing below!