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Calling all combat robot enthusiasts!

Hive Hysteria is a thrilling robot combat event hosted by growingSTEMS and Team Honey Cracked, designed to bring builders together for a day of mechanical mayhem!

What to Expect:

12-pound Combat Robots: Witness the clash of the titans! This year’s competition features robots weighing in at a maximum of 12 pounds.

Test and Fight:  The event provides a dedicated cage environment for builders to test and refine their robots. Challenge your fellow competitors to one-on-one matches and see whose creation reigns supreme!

Token System:  A unique token system keeps the competition rolling. Each robot gets three tokens initially, allowing them to choose their fighting frequency. Matches cost one token, while the victor claims both opponent tokens.

Winner Takes All (Tokens): The robot with the most tokens at the day’s end is declared the champion!

Event Details:

July 20th, 2024 from 9 AM to 5 PM at The Hive – a growingSTEMS Center – 44010 Commerce Ave, Suite A Hollywood MD, 20636

Who Should Attend?

Combat Robotics Builders: This is your chance to test your robot’s mettle and engage in exciting matches!

Anyone who enjoys a good robot brawl!: Cheer on the mechanical gladiators and be amazed by their engineering prowess!

Robotics Enthusiasts: Witness the power and innovation of combat robotics firsthand!

Fuel Up and Cheer!

Our VEX IQ program will be hosting a concessions table throughout the event, offering delicious pizzas for sale at lunchtime (around 12 PM) along with snacks and drinks to keep you energized all day long! Grab a bite and fuel your excitement for the robot battles!

Meet the Masters of Metal!

Get up close and personal with a legend! The awe-inspiring heavyweight combat robot, Mammoth, will be on display at Hive Hysteria. Members from Team Mammoth will also be there throughout the day to answer your questions about the world of giant robot combat!

Get ready for a day of action-packed robot combat at Hive Hysteria!

Looking to compete?

To Register more information about registration and rules go to: