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VEX GO is a STEM construction system that taps into children’s natural inquisitiveness. VEX GO utilizes the VEX plastic construction system, with adaptations for elementary students. The approachability of VEX GO allows young students to investigate, tinker, explore, make mistakes, and try again. VEX GO fosters critical learning at an age when young minds are still open to their full potential.

During the season, teams will be guided through discovery and exhibition in relation to selected STEM Labs. Teams will be meeting once per week to work together to complete the tasks laid out. All skill levels are welcomed and needed, technical or non-technical.

Children in 3rd through 4th grade are available to register for the VEX GO program. Enrollment for the VEX GO program is generally open from June to August of each year. To signup to participate in this program, please fill out and submit a member application.

The VEX GO 2022 Season will start on September 10th at 10AM and will run for 8 weeks, ending on November 5th.

Dues for the year are $150 per student that help cover the operating cost of the program. Payments can be processed through our website or via check (Payment Policy). Students are registered and can begin participating when the student dues are paid, full payment is due by September 1st.

The VEX GO students meet on Saturdays at The Hive (44010 Commerce Ave, Hollywood MD 20636). You can check out our full program calendar