Science of Flight - The basics behind flying objects

Students were able to learn the basics of flight through a series of activities. The group started the morning with balloons whizzing around the room. Students paired off and used string, straws, and balloons to create thrust experiments.

Once they learned how to get objects in the air, they had to learn how to return them safely. The group was given tissue paper, ribbon, and a "capsule" to demonstrate the usefulness of drag for a safe landing with a parachute.

Students then saw who could go the distance in a paper airplane competition. To conclude the event students had to use their knowledge of lift, drag, thrust, weight, and paper folding to construct a paper rocket. The new rocket scientists lined up and launched their air rockets.

The program was part of a series of 12 events held by growingSTEMS at the local libraries that drew more than 374 students over the summer of 2013. These programs help students to continue to learn during the summer months while they are away from school. growingSTEMS is planning on hold a similar series next summer.

You can see more photos from these events in our Media section.



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