Rumble in the Roads

Team 836, The RoboBees returned to Rumble in the Roads, held at Heritage High School in Newport News, Virginia on November 4, 2017. Rumble is an off season event held each fall and they play the game from the previous season. A total of 28 teams competed at the event this year, but that number included several teams that brought 2 teams and robots, their competition and practice robots, and in some cases ended up facing their own teams. Competing teams each had 6 qualification matches, and The RoboBees, won 5 of their 6 matches, ending qualification matches sitting in 2nd place going into alliance selections. The RoboBees invited FRC Team 401, Copperhead Robotics and Team 1522 Defenders of the Multiverse to join their alliance and proceeded to win both their quarterfinal matches and without a working climb mechanism!!

The Alliance moved on to the Semifinals where the robot continued to have some struggles, but in spite of it, solidly won the first Semifinal. Unfortunately the second semifinal match was a loss but as history seems to show, we always need to lose one semifinal match! The third tie breaking match was another solid win and on to the finals Alliance #2 went. Sadly the Alliance lost both final matches, making them finalists.