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Ramping Up Production

    Our organization is hard at work increasing our production of face shields for our community. Our delivery to Medstar St. Mary’s Hospital has been well received, prompting requests for additional deliveries. We are happy to oblige. We currently have two methods of production, 3D printed and laser cut. So far, we have delivered 8 laser cut frames, 9 3D printed frames, and a large number of replacement shields. With the support provided by the public, we want to keep everyone well apprised of our work and how their contributions are helping us to make a difference!

    Laser cut face shields ready for delivery

    This delivery of 17 face shields is only the tip of the iceberg. Using the feedback from the users at the hospital, we were able to refine the models to increase comfort, enhance durability/maintainability, and boost manufacturability. With additional 3D printers enlisted from our middle school and high school students, as well as other mentors and volunteers, we expect to deliver substantially more face shields in the upcoming days and weeks.

    A 3D printer manufacturing multiple frames for face shields

    We are immensely grateful for our students, mentors, and community sponsors who have stepped up and enabled us to make this contribution to our community. Our hope is that we can continue to utilize our equipment and expertise to help keep our healthcare workers safe. If you are interested in helping in any capacity, please contact us at Or make a donation on our PayPal page. All donations will be used to purchase supplies for face shield production. We are limited by our supply of acrylic and elastic. If you have any of those items that you are willing to donate, please drop us an email.