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Archbishop Carroll High School – Robot Exposition

    Yesterday’s Exposition was hosted by the Metal Lions (FTC 3253) of Archbishop Carroll High School, under the direction of Ms. Janet Lathan (IT/Math Teacher). The day was filled with demonstrations and hands on interaction by local FIRST® teams and other STEM organizations. Mentors from The RoboBees and growingSTEMS™ took demonstration robots out to play with students and adults.

    Yow Sting, The RoboBees 2012 FRC Robot, was a popular guy! Students were able to drive and shoot basketballs into a cafeteria sized trash can. The students were so impressed that one of them hid inside the can to catch balls and throw them back at Yow!

    Bloom, our little WiBot, quickly gathered a crowd. He is tiny, quick and easily controlled by standing on a Wii Balance Board. Kids’ faces lit up when they realized how easy it is to drive a robot with body movement. We let adults take a few turns; Denise Lewis, DC FIRST® Regional Director was very impressed with our little Bloom. She enjoyed the easiness of the balance board controller and quickly took Bloom for a spin!

    The Exposition was a great event for all concerned. We made many new connections with DC FIRST® teams and the local community. The RoboBees and growingSTEMS™ were invited to participate in a Robotics Camp hosted by DC Public Schools this summer! We were honored to be asked and look forward to participating in the Camp.

    Come back soon and watch your ankles…you never know where Bloom might show up this summer!

    View pictures and video from this event in our Media section!