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COVID-19 Guidelines

1 – Purpose

This document is intended to provide guidance for the safe resumption of activities by growingSTEMS. Adherence to this policy will allow for limited reopening of The Hive: A growingSTEMS Center.


These guidelines apply:

  1. To all individuals associated with the growingSTEMS organization when conducting growingSTEMS activities, including the Board of Directors, staff, mentors, and students.
  2. To all individuals entering any facilities leased or financially supported by growingSTEMS.
  3. Exceptions to this guidance include the following:
    1. Those individuals which do not fall under the jurisdiction of growingSTEMS, such as law enforcement or public safety personnel conducting official business.
    2. Any growingSTEMS operations outside the State of Maryland. The West Virginia components are expected to develop their own guidelines in accordance with state and local regulations.


The specific guidelines for safe operation of the growingSTEMS organization are provided here.

  1. Personal Health:
    1. No individual who is sick, or has been in close contact with a sick individual, is permitted to enter any growingSTEMS facilities.
      1. Any symptoms that fall under the CDC COVID-19 symptom list shall be reported to the Executive Director.
      2. The Executive Director has the sole jurisdiction to interpret the definition of:
        1. sick
        2. close contact
      3. The Executive Director may, exercising discretion, require additional confirmation of any lack of symptoms or resolution of symptoms.
    2. After travel, individuals must quarantine in accordance with current CDC guidelines prior to physically reentering facilities.
  2. Protective Actions:
    1. All individual in the facility must properly wear a suitable face mask. A suitable face mask is defined as one that:
      1. Provides resistance against droplets, fluid splashes, and other bodily fluid excretions.
      2. Contains multiple layers of cloth or a material that is certified by NIOSH to filter particulates.
      3. Does not contain a valve that allows exhaled air to be released into the surrounding environment.
    2. Should notice of a COVID-19 positive test be provided to the growingSTEMS staff, a thorough cleaning consistent with CDC guidelines must occur at the affected facility.
    3. If an individual is sent home (or chooses to stay home) due to COVID related medical reasons (trouble breathing, fever, shortness of breath, etc), that individual is not allowed to return to The Hive for 10 calendar days or until a negative COVID-19 rapid test result is provided.
  3. Vaccinations:
    1. Individuals are considered immunized, or fully vaccinated, after meeting the following requirements established by the CDC.
      1. 2 weeks after their second dose in a 2-dose series, such as the Pfizer or Moderna vaccines, or;
      2. 2 weeks after a single-dose vaccine, such as Johnson & Johnson’s Janssen vaccine.
    2. Individuals who have been immunized are exempt from many of the restrictions in this document, in accordance with CDC guidance. Immunized individuals:
      1. are permitted to meet with other immunized individuals inside the facilities without wearing masks or physical distancing.
      2. do not need to self-quarantine following travel.
      3. are not required to quarantine upon a COVID-19 exposure or exposure to a sick individual.


The specific roles and duties established by this guidance document are detailed below.

  1. Executive Director:
    1. Will implement this guidance document to safeguard the health and safety off all individuals.
    2. Will address all known violations of this policy and take any actions deemed necessary and as consistent with this document.
    3. Will restrict facility access based on personal health.
  2. Staff and mentors:
    1. Will report all perceived violations to these guidelines to the Executive Director.
    2. Will route all reported violations to the Executive Director
  3. All individuals that this guidance applies to will:
    1. Adhere to these restrictions
    2. Report all violations to the Executive Director or the nearest staff or mentor


Individuals subject to this policy that do not adhere to these guidelines are subject to the following restrictions, as deemed suitable by the Executive Director.

  1. Restriction from growingSTEMS facilities, either on a short-term basis or until resolution of the COVID-19 pandemic


This guidance is effective as of 6/30/2021.


This guidance is subject to change or be cancelled without notice, from time to time at our sole discretion. We will notify you of any amendments to these guidelines by posting them here to this website. If you do not agree  with these guidelines you will be restricted from any growingSTEMS facilities, either on a short-term basis or until resolution of the COVID-19 pandemic.