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River Concert Series – A growingSTEMS Activity Booth

    Friday June 19th was the second week for the St. Mary’s River Concert Series hosted by St. Mary’s College of Maryland. With assistance from The RoboBees students were out in force conducting science activities. The RoboBees brought both their competition robot (Yow Sting) and their practice bot from this past year to engage kids in STEM.

    Kids enjoyed playing catch with Yow Sting throughout the night. They are also amazed that they could be the ones controlling the robot. Using a programmed demo mode (Slow moving, safely controlled) kids were able to drive around then aim and launch foam basketballs into a group of waiting kids. The WiBot’s were also on display with children and adults alike taking turns at driving Bloom around the street.

    Families were able to participate in three activities throughout the night, (Dry Ice Bubbles / Egg Drop / Lava Lamps) which all went over well. They were drawn in by the clouds of smoke billowing from the hot water and dry ice but stayed to try their hand at protecting eggs. Only two children were able to protect their egg successfully when dropped from a height of 6 feet onto the brick below.

    A collection of pictures from this event can be found in our media section.