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River Concert Series – A growingSTEMS Activity Booth

    growingSTEMS attended the special “Fourth of July” St. Mary’s River Concert Series event held at St. Mary’s College of Maryland. Complete with GAK, OOBLECK, Yow Sting, and fireworks bursting in mid-air during the instrumental finale, families were entertained throughout the entire night.

    Bloom, the WiBot, was out rolling around through the crowd around the growingSTEMS booth. Children and their parents were amazed at how easily they could jump on the balance board and control this little bot. Many parents asked if it was something they could make at home and let their kids enjoy, which will soon be able to be reality with WiBot V2 making its release in the coming months.

    The RoboBees were kind enough to bring Yow Sting once again and the kids loved it. Between controlling the 5-foot tall, basketball shooting robot or being able to catch the balls that were launched, everyone was thoroughly entertained. growingSTEMS leadership and parents were amazed at how quickly the kid operators were able to pick up the controls and easily target and launch balls into the awaiting crowd.

    OOBLECK made its first appearance this year by dancing a pathway into your memory. OOBLECK which is a non-Newtonian fluid was placed on top of a sub woofer playing a sine wave causing the fluid to thicken and dance around to the sound! You can see another demonstration of OOBLECK at a River Concert Series event later this month.

    It was an amazing evening as the crowd braved the heat for the concert, in turn making our event a great success. We are pleased that over 60 kids went through the growingSTEMS booth and learned about science and technology!

    The rest of this event’s pictures can be found in our Media section.