Battle of the Bees

On March 13, 2017 The RoboBees FTC team, Team 389, hosted the first FTC off-season event in Southern Maryland at the Stachelczyk STEM Center in Hollywood, MD. This event, called the Battle of the Bees, is an event that the teams intend to repeat in the future. Over 30 people, and 6 local FTC teams came and participated in the unofficial Velocity Vortex competition. The teams met at the FTC Maryland State Championship and thought that and off-season event would be the perfect way to end this year’s successful season with some fun, and a way to get to know the other teams.

Teams included the host The RoboBees – Team 389, Team Zoe, named for a RoboBees mentor, Under the Sun – Team 2843, Late Knights –  Team 4218, from Ryken High School, BOT Brigade Quantum – Team 8879 and BOT Brigade Quartic – Team 11534. All the teams were made up of middle and high school aged students from St. Mary’s County. As this was just meant to be a fun event, volunteers were selected to be refs, scorekeepers, and timers. Each team competed in 5-6 matches over a 3 hour period. A great time was had by all with Bee trophies, made at the STEM center with a 3D printer were handed out one per team.

The event was a group effort and we would not have been able to hold the event if it wasn’t for the help of several teams. The Late Knights provided part of the field, Mr. Spangler from Under the Sun helped with phone connections, and both BOT Brigade teams helped host the event and made it go as smooth as possible. Can’t wait for our next Battle of the Bees!