U.S. National Oyster Festival

The RoboBees FRC team 836 attended the 52nd annual U.S. Oyster Festival in St. Mary’s County on October 21st and 22nd. The team provided two bouncy houses and a bouncy slide serving as a kids zone for the younger attendees to enjoy. Along with bouncing fun, kids were given the opportunity to craft and launch their own rocket constructed out of paper and duct tape. On top of the fun, kids were given a lesson in aerodynamics by being able to play around with different body shapes, fin shapes, and fin quantities and to see how the rockets flew.

The rockets were able to be launched into the air by a compressed air rocket launcher consisting of two rocket placements, allowing comparison in real time.  The RoboBees also brought along their 2016 robot, Warhog, to demonstrate and interact with kids. The robot would suck up a boulder, or ball game piece from that year, and then release it in the direction of the kids for them to kick back, and the process to start again.