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growingSTEMS News

The Washington D.C. Regional

    On March 28, 2013 we arrived at the DC Regional for a weekend of hard work, competition, and fun. Tackling this year’s challenge of shooting Frisbees and climbing a 10 foot pyramid was no easy task but we went in strong when it came to climbing. While on the other… Read More »The Washington D.C. Regional

    The RoboBees – Buzz Video

      The RoboBees are proud to release their 2013 robot “Frizz Bee!”. With no further delay, we present our robot for your consideration.

      Children’s Book

        With help from growingSTEMS The RoboBees created two children’s books over the past two years. As of today, two copies of our first children’s book (Sting The RoboBee – Shaping Up) are in circulation at the St. Marys County Public Library with more to come as soon as they are… Read More »Children’s Book

        Bag and Tag Party!

          Tonight’s Bag and Tag party went extremely well. I would like to thank everyone who showed up and made the night an extreme success. I hope the families of all our students enjoyed seeing their child’s/children’s hard work. We would like to congratulate all of our team members on a… Read More »Bag and Tag Party!

          UCAS-D X-47B Tour – Student Article

            One of our students who participated in the UCAS-D X-47B tour last Friday submitted an article to our local newspaper “The Enterprise”. It was selected to be published! We are very proud of our students are work.

            Vroomers Robot Slippers!

              Vroomers saw our Robo Gangnam Style video and was so impressed they donated a pair of their Robot Slippers to our team! Thank you to Vroomers for the pair of slippers! One of our lucky students will enjoy this pair! They were also kind enough to set up a coupon… Read More »Vroomers Robot Slippers!

              Robo Gangnam Style!

                Hope you enjoyed kickoff for the 2013 FRC robotics season today! Also enjoy our latest video: Robo Gangnam Style! Pass the link along and help get some Likes and Views.

                2013 FRC Game – ULTIMATE ASCENT

                  The 2013 Game “ULTIMATE ASCENT” has finally been released! The RoboBees are excited to participate in such an amazing challenge. We look forward to facing all the other teams at competition. Since the game has been released you are able to view the 2013 Competition manual hosted on the FIRST website.… Read More »2013 FRC Game – ULTIMATE ASCENT

                  2013 Season Kick-Off Event!

                    This morning’s Kick-Off event has started. The room is buzzing with excitement; with students, alumni, mentors and sponsors here to find out about the 2013 game. The RoboBees are proud to announce this years theme and Kick-Off video, “A River of Influence”.